Predictive analytics is a business practice that has reached maturity, allowing organizations to create or maintain a competitive advantage.

Business data is an invaluable strategic asset because it represents an organization’s overall experience. Every customer response to a promotional campaign, every mechanical breakdown at a production plant and every case of insurance claim fraud are all experiences that can be used to learn and draw conclusions. Predictive analytics helps leverage these meaningful experiences by providing predictions relating to future actions. Companies can maximize the full potential of these actions once they’ve implemented a process allowing them to access real-time analytics . When completed, the organizations take a giant leap forward in their analytics maturity curve.

DAAX’s mission is to help organizations mature using the business intelligence continuum so that they transition from being reactive to being proactive. Once the historical data becomes available, the goal is to maximize its use by executing a predictive analytics project. Thus, DAAX goes beyond the predictive models. Instead, it implements a predictive analytics ecosystem to help the organization mature.

To date, DAAX team members have delivered more than 250 predictive analytics projects. Whether a project deals with defining needs, building predictive models, offering mentoring sessions to customers or defining key performance indicators to follow up on a predictive analytics project, DAAX is capable of covering all aspects of the life cycle of a predictive analytics project. In addition, we have worked with professionals across a broad range of sectors, including marketing, finance, education, auditing, engineering, etc. Therefore, we understand the issues at stake for your company and your departments.

We recognize that organizations are complex entities and that teamwork is the best way to achieve success. This is at the heart of our philosophy when working with our customers to create a systematic approach to implementing predictive analytics. Finally, our goal is to deliver a high value project for your organization.