Specialist, not generalist

  • DAAX devotes all of its efforts to being the best consulting firm in the field of predictive analytics in Canada. We are obsessively dedicated to developing our skills so that our customers can fully reap the benefits. Also, we believe in the synergy that exists within heterogeneous teams. Our collaborators have complementary profiles that allow DAAX to grow as an organization.

Our collaborators contribute added value to the DAAX team

  • Having executed several projects, they are all experts in the field of predictive analytics. Their technical skills in data mining are unparalleled.
  • They bring with them tangible expertise, because they were creators and/or users of predictive analytics in their respective careers before joining DAAX. In addition, they have also developed business expertise in various industries. Therefore, our data mining specialists have a pragmatic and realistic vision of the customer’s needs.
  • We don’t simply rely on creating models that are grounded in solid theoretical bases. The ultimate goal is to deliver a project that generates value for the organization, and our specialists have become masters in the art of deploying analytics results for leaders who are capable of influencing an organization’s performance.

Project delivery

  • We take charge of all the project management stages for a predictive analytics project, from defining the business needs to implementing a predictive model governance strategy. Once the project completed, you will have access to a mature and functional solution and a systematic approach that with allow you to reach your objectives.