iStock_000045821454_XXXLargeAnticipate risk and threats before they have an impact on your organization

Every day, organizations are faced with a multitude of threats. Whether they come from data theft or internal theft, whether dealing with public safety or criminal issues, there is a constant battle to distinguish between acceptable risks and dangerous vulnerabilities.

Data mining solutions for risk and threats help you predict who, when, where and how these issues will impact your organization. These analyses use several data sources to determine the acceptable risk levels and help create policies that reduce risk and minimize losses.

Data mining for risk and threats allows you to concretely:

  • Monitor your environment using a wide range of data sources
  • Detect any suspicious behaviours
  • Control the situation by providing a better mitigation plan

Typical organizations that would use these analyses:

  • Boarder services agency
  • Police force
  • National security
  • Organization responsible for public safety