Several types of training are available. We can help identify wich suits you best.


DAAX provides training that covers the entire spectrum of the IBM SPSS software suite

SPSS Statistics

SPSS Modeler



Based on your needs and level of experience, you can choose the formula that best suits your situation

Operational support/mentoring

Private training – intra-company

Public training – inter-company

DAAX can help you determine the optimal training curriculum by performing a training needs assessment.

The assessment takes into account your business requirements, your project context, your level of experience with the solution, the profile and number of designated users…and, with your help, comes up with a winning solution.

Operational support

Whether you are a novice predictive analyst aspiring to acquire good practices from the very start or a data miner wishing to explore new modeling techniques, we can assist you in creating a customized training plan.

Private training

For private training, DAAX will deliver on site an existing training program in whole or in part. Following the needs assessment, DAAX will offer you a tailored course outline, based on a relevant combination of training modules available in the catalogue.

Public training

The public training offered by DAAX is provided through a partnership with ETS – École de technologie supérieure. The courses consist of lectures that include several interesting demonstrations and much more.